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Nikola Tesla
We have to thank Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) for discovering the basic principles that allow us to successfully use loop systems to improve clarity and understanding.

Nikola Tesla is remembered as the father of magnetic induction. This is the principle where a magnetic field is produced when an electric current is passed through a conductor.
Another conductor that is within that magnetic field will have a current 'induced' that reflects the properties of the original electric current.

Audio Frequency Induction Loops (AFILS) are able to let you hear in even the most challenging situations using your hearing aid or cochlear implant in
telecoil mode.

Large Area

Using a personal neckloop or 'silhouette coupler' through to a chair loop, a counter loop, a room loop, a loop in the car, a loop in the bus, or a loop around a larger area like an auditorium, theatre, Church, or stadium
can be a great solution to regain clarity.

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