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The CentralAlert System from Serene Innovations is a
versatile wireless alerting system with a range up to 60m.
This can be extended by using additional receivers as they act as repeaters as well.

Choose from a basic system (the
CentralAlert 360 with Alarm Clock, Telephone monitor, Doorbell, and Bedshaker) or mix and match the various sensors and receivers to fully personalise your own system.

Sleep peacefully knowing the CentralAlert will alert you
Additional sensors or receivers can be added at any time.

The CentralAlert components are securely paired to each other so they are not susceptible to false triggers from
garage door openers and the like.
The CentralAlert System also shows you which sensor/transmitter has been triggered, so if you have, for example, multiple smoke alarm sensors, the CentralAlert Master Receiver will indicate which sensor has been triggered.

Multiple Doorbell sensors or Baby Cry sensors
are also separately identified.
The CentralAlert Smoke Alarm Audio Sensor is actively monitored and the system will alert you to any interruption of the received signal or a low battery state.
Ask about our 'Smoke Alarm Package' which includes a 10 year battery life photo-electric detector and the CentralAlert 360 system with Audio Sensor - no wiring needed!
For 'emergency' alerts like a smoke alarm, the CentralAlert Master Receiver
uses the preferred 520Hz square wave audio alert.
The CentralAlert Baby Cry Sensor is a 'real-time' detector so if the baby cries for a short period, then settles, the alert will only trigger while the baby is crying and then stop when the baby settles. A great aid for training the baby not to demand attention all the time!
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CentralAlert 360 System
CA-360 Master Receiver with Alarm Clock, Doorbell, Telephone, and Bedshaker
CA-AX Audio Sensor for smoke alarms
CA-AX Wireless Audio Sensor for Smoke Alarms
CA-BX Realtime Baby Cry Detector
CA-BX Wireless Baby Cry Real-Time Sensor
CA-DB Wireless Doorbell Transmitter
CA-DB Wireless Doorbell Pushbutton
CA-DX Wireless Door Knock Sensor
CA-DX Wireless Door Knock Sensor
CA-CX Wireless Mobile Phone Ring Detector
CA-CX Mobile Phone Ring Detector
CA-SOS Emergency Button

CA-SOS Wireless Emergency Button
CA-RX Portable Receiver
CA-RX Wireless Portable Remote Receiver
CA-PX Wireless Pager Receiver
CA-PX Wireless Portable Pager Receiver
CA-MX Motion Sensor
CA-MX Wireless Motion Sensor
BS-100 Bedshaker Vibrating Pad
BS-100 Bedshaker
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