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The ChatterVox Model 6 from Enhanced Listening Technologies Group conserves your voice while boosting your vocal impact.

Designed for use by PE Teachers, Tour Guides, or anyone requiring additional vocal power in an outdoor or noisy environment.

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It has 6 watts of power and can boost your voice by as much as 22dB.
Weighing in at only 820g, it rests comfortably on your hip. It is powered by 4 environmentally friendly high capacity Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries with an operating time per charge of around 8-10 hours.

The ChatterVox 6 is supplied with a heavy duty headset microphone - the HM-150. Specifically designed for tour guides, auctioneers, or performers who would normally raise their voice. The HM-150 has a short boom for optimum placement of the microphone element to avoid breath and pop noise.

The ChatterVox 6 is housed in a black textured neoprene cover and the complete system is stored in a 'bowling ball' style case for ease of transport.

ChatterVox – Be Heard!
No Strain, Just Gain!

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ChatterVox Model 6

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