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The Wireless Portable Doorchime has both a LOUD chime sound and a bright strobe flash tube to alert the user that a door push button has been pressed.

The portable receiver will sound the selected chime sound and then flash the bright strobe light 5 times.

Wireless Portable Doorchime

Additional push buttons can be added - each push button would be set to the same house code, but to a different chime sound. As there are 7 chime sounds available, you could have up to 6 additional push buttons.
(you could use more, but it would be hard to tell which one was pressed!)

Seven Doorchime sounds

The seven loud chime sounds that can be selected for each push button:
Westminster, Ding Dong, Bronze Chime, Cuckoo Clock, Gong, Foghorn, or Bell.

The push button and portable receiver can be set to one of 16 different channels (house codes) to avoid picking up the signals from other wireless doorchimes next door or nearby.

The portable receiver also has a low battery warning and a high/low volume switch (the low setting is still quite loud!). Attached to the receiver is a handy lanyard that will let you hang it from a door knob.

The range of the transmitter to receiver is 100 metres in open air. This may reduce to ~45 metres due to walls or large metal objects.

There are 4 'C' batteries in the receiver and 1 'LRV08' (12V) battery in the push button.
Expected battery life is about 2-3 years.

Simple installation with push button mounting hardware and all batteries supplied.

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