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Small Area Infrared
Hearing the TV is harder today as the audio is artificially manipulated to meet the demands of 6 channel surround sound systems, and the dynamic range of the TV audio has been artificially reduced making it harder to understand.
Hearing aids and cochlear implants also add their own processing strategies to further distort the audio signal.
Basically, hearing aids/implants and TV audio
are incompatible!
OK, we can't fix the way TV audio is produced, but we can deliver a
clearer version of the audio so it is easier to understand.
Infrared is the choice of technology over room loop systems or insecure RF systems whenever your accommodation is in apartments, hotel rooms, or other structures where the neighbours are close by.

The infrared signal is blocked by walls, so you don't get interference from your neighbours and you don't cause them interference.
Comfortable Headset IR Receiver
Infrared TV System
Pendant IR Receiver
Infrared TV System
We also supply versions of Infrared systems that are suited for large area applications.
Large Area IR Systems

Small Area Infrared

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