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LA-240 Small Area Inductive Audio Loop System
This inductive loop amplifier can be connected directly to any audio source, TV or HiFi system. The Humantechnik LA-240 is the up-to-date successor of the popular "LA-215" and features digital coaxial and optical (TOSlink) connections, which allows you to connect to any modern television.

Various inputs can be transmitted simultaneously within the loop, the 4 input channels can be selected easily via the channel buttons on the front of the LA-240 amplifier or with the remote control.

Due to the external power supply, the LA-240 can also be used with a 12 to 24VDC 2A supply which enables it to be used in vehicles, like cars, coaches, and buses.
● Analog (RCA), Optical, and Coaxial digital audio inputs
● Separate Mains power supply allowing use with DC power from 12-24V
● Control settings are maintained allowing remote power switching
● Digital Rotary Volume and Tone controls
● Source selection of all inputs from front panel, mixing of inputs is possible
● Increased output current 3A RMS and 40m Loop cable with coverage up to 50m2
● Remote control functions for Volume, Tone, Source selection, Power and Mute

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LA-240 Small Area Induction Loop

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