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Large Area Loop Systems
ProLoop LOS - Low overspill loop amplifierThese Audio Frequency Loop Amplifiers are designed to provide coverage in larger areas such as theatres, community halls, Churches, auditoriums, lecture theatres, meeting rooms, airports, train stations, etc.

The amplifier is only one component of the system though, the loop system requires an antenna (or antennae) to function. This can be as simple as a single cable running around the perimeter of the room at either floor or ceiling level. For more complex areas, the antenna must be designed to provide optimum coverage and may take the form of a 'figure-8' or some other shape.

In areas where musical instruments are played (in particular, electric guitars), the loop antenna or loop system must be configured in such a way as to prevent overspill into the area where the instruments are located. This can be achieved with either a perimeter loop incorporating cancellation loops or by using a low overspill system with a Master and Slave antenna array. Spill must be prevented so that there are no problems with feedback.

In a similar fashion, where loop systems may be installed in adjacent rooms, loop systems have to be designed to prevent spill into the adjacent room(s) or rooms above or below.


Large Area Audio Loops

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