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MaxPage Alpha-Numeric Wireless Paging System
MaxPage Transmitter
Alerting staff in the workplace can be challenging, particularly if staff have a hearing impairment.
Some people have asked us if texting on a mobile phone is OK...
Well, the answer is no.

The Short Message Service (SMS) is a tertiary priority layer in the mobile network. This means that voice and data receive precedence which can delay the delivery of an SMS text. I have personally experienced a two week delay - not great if you are trying to alert someone to an emergency lock-down or fire!

Using a dedicated paging system is a better idea where you can send freeform or pre-defined messages to vibrating pagers and
know the message will be delivered immediately.
The MaxPage can even be connected to a fire panel or other emergency systems for automatic notification of an alarm.
Vibrating Pager
The MaxPage Lite is a stand-alone system that allows you to store up to 8 pre-defined text messages. Each message can then be sent at the press of a button (or two) from the MaxPage.
Add a
PC Interface option
PC not included, sorry!
and you can then send freeform messages to the pagers. The PC interface also provides a control panel for the MaxPage so alterations can be easily made to many functions within the MaxPage:
● Quick editing of the pre-defined messages
● Assignment of Pagers to separate groups
● Automatic timed messages/reminders


Add an
Alarm Interface option
Fire Alarm not included, sorry!
and you can then connect up to 4 external alarm systems to the MaxPage. When any alarm is activated, the MaxPage will automatically send the correct pre-defined alarm message to the pagers - no human intervention required!
The MaxPage can be configured to use either 'normally open' or 'normally closed' alarm connections.
Add a
PABX Interface option
PABX System not included, sorry!
and messages can be sent from any phone on the PABX system, just dial the MaxPage, enter the pager and message code, and send.
Add an
External Antenna
PABX System not included, sorry!
to extend the coverage for larger areas such as school grounds and ovals.
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