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AudioLink Pendant Receiver and IRT-238 Wireless Infrared system
Using Infrared transmission keeps the signal within the room, so, for closely spaced apartments or units, this is a good choice of technology with no chance of being overheard next door.

The Enhanced Listening Technologies Pendant Receiver has volume and ON-OFF switch. It is a perfect partner to the AudioLink IRT-238 high band IR transmitter. The system is supplied with both microphone and direct connection RCA cables.
You can choose to use the receiver with headphones, earbuds, or a neckloop for use with hearing aids with a telecoil function.

We recommend using the microphone as there is then no need to figure out where to connect the cables (if you do actually have a useable audio out connection on the TV). There is also no problem with audio synchronisation as the direct audio out from the TV is often out of sync with the displayed images on HD Video TVs. The microphone can also be placed in front of other audio sources (i.e. Radio, Audio Book, etc.).

Using the microphone also means that the system can be used as a communication aid with the conversation partner speaking into the microphone. Background sounds like the telephone ringing can also be heard, so that the user is not totally cut off.
Some older LCD or plasma TVs emit a high level of photonic noise from the screen backlighting. This can sometimes be picked up by the headphone receiver. As this noise is emitted in a random way, the solution is to move the IRT-238 transmitter to the side of the TV and angle the client's seating towards the transmitter rather than directly to the screen. The stronger signal from the IRT-238 transmitter will then over-ride the noise from the screen.

Similarly, there is a high level of photonic noise emitted from those environmentally unfriendly compact fluoro energy efficient lights (ultra high mercury content). The solution would be to change to environmentally friendly, energy efficient LED lighting.

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