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Personal Loop Systems
PockeTalker Pro with Neck LoopThese Audio Frequency Inductive Loop devices provide a magnetic field for one person (usually)
when using one or both of their aids/implants with
telecoil function.

These personal loop devices can be as simple as a neckloop or silhouette coupler plugged into any audio device (or ALD!), or more specialist designs that incorporate specific for purpose active components such as the Serene Innovations SA-40 HearAll mobile phone Bluetooth handsfree unit operating in telecoil output mode.

Sometimes you need to make a choice between a neckloop or silhouette coupler - the silhouette coupler will give better results because the magnetic field is closer to your aid/implant.

So, if your aid/implant has a less sensitive telecoil, choose a silhouette coupler if you can, or use a neckloop with a device that has amplification to provide a stronger magnetic field
PockeTalker, TV SoundBox, HearAll, etc.).

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Personal Audio Loops

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