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The PockeTalker Ultra is a version of the PockeTalker Pro differing slightly in features. Designed by Williams Sound, an Audio Engineering Company, the PockeTalker Ultra has a wide-band audio quality second to none.

Contrary to the information found on various websites, an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) like the PockeTalker Ultra is extremely flexible and can be adapted for use in many environments where hearing aids fail the test.
Unlike hearing aids that use a subtractive approach for noise suppression, the PockeTalker Ultra increases the Signal to Noise Ratio in a positive, additive manner so nothing is lost.
The PockeTalker Ultra has two user controls, one for volume and one for tonal adjustments.

Overall, the amplification is around 45dB (depending on choice of headphone or earphone), so the PockeTalker Ultra is suitable for mild to severe sloping losses.
It is supplied with a TV Listening Kit that is for, well, listening to the TV...

However, it can also be used to convert the Plug-mount Microphone into a handheld microphone that can be passed around.
There are a range of optional microphone styles (purchased separately)
for specialist applications (conference, directional, etc).
As a base product, the PockeTalker Ultra excels in what it does. Other accessories (purchased separately) include the ELT Group LC-100 Listening Centre that can be used to increase the number of headsets/neckloops (up to 4), or it can be used on the input side to increase the number of microphones (up to 4) in use at the same time.
Please also note that the PockeTalker Ultra headset socket is 3.5mm mono (same sound in both ears) so if you try a standard stereo headset or stereo earbud in the PockeTalker, only the left side will work.
The PockeTalker Ultra is an Approved Device under the Commonwealth Government Hearing Services Program and can be supplied free of charge to eligible clients!
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PockeTalker Ultra

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