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Portable Loop Systems

Not a portable loop, but just looked cool!
These Audio Frequency Loop devices are able to be moved and/or temporarily installed as required.

For information counters or other service points, a portable self-contained loop system can be easily placed on the counter to benefit either the customer or the staff member.

To set up a temporary room loop, the
Humantechnik Mobile Loop is the answer! The loop antenna cable is stored on two quick deploy reels and can service areas up to 120m2. Amplifier and cables are contained in an aluminium case for easy transport.

TV SoundBox can be used as a 'Distributed Sound Field' where there would be a number of TV SoundBox Receivers placed around the room. Users could just listen to the acoustic output or use a neckloop plugged into the TV SoundBox. No need to run any cable for a loop antenna.

Another wireless solution would be the
AudioLink ProTour II FM System.
Each person would have a receiver with headphones or neckloop and the presenter would wear the transmitter with lapel microphone.
And, yes,
the image shown above is not really what a portable loop looks like!

Large Area

Portable Audio Loops

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