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The TV SoundBox
Tired of straining to hear your TV?
Friends and family complain that the volume is too high?
No more!

The wireless Serene Innovations TV SoundBox brings natural, crystal clear, stereo TV sound right in front of you, loud and clear, even with your TV speakers turned off.
No more muffled dialog, no more missing words and no more blaring volume to disturb others!

It is also not just for the TV! Enjoy the excellent sound provided by the TV SoundBox with other forms of multimedia, such as DVD, MP3 player, iPod or iPad, Talking Books, and more…
● Brings TV sound right in front of you. No more straining to hear your TV from far away.
● The volume control works independently from your TV speaker, allowing you to turn the TV volume down or completely off.
● High fidelity speakers deliver loud, lifelike sound and crystal clear dialog.
● Adjustable Voice Enhancing makes each word fully intelligible and easier to comprehend.
● Since it is totally wireless, lightweight and designed with a convenient handle, you can take it with you wherever you watch TV, and even listen to TV in another room.
● Easy to install, simply plug the RCA cable (included) into the audio-out ports of your TV or cable box.
● The base also serves as a charging dock when the receiver is not is use.
● Built in re-chargeable battery (up to 8 hours of listening time).
If your television does not have the Red and White RCA analogue audio out sockets,
then you need to purchase the Digital to Analogue Convertor (DAC-202).
With up to a 30 metre range and since it is lightweight, wireless, portable, and designed with a handle for easy carrying, you can take the TV SoundBox with you and listen to TV anywhere in your home!

The TV SoundBox is an Approved Device under the Commonwealth Government Hearing Services Program and can be supplied free of charge to eligible clients!
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TV SoundBox Wireless Portable Speaker

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